Research help needed, :)

Hello All, !! 

I am currently working on my dissertation at Bournemouth University,  I am currently looking at the focus of identifying some life events from experienced backpackers. 

I am conducting some research based on your opinion of risk perception and Terrorism. Whether your decision to travel / partake in activities, will effect your decision making process when planning your travels. 

This could be Natural disasters, terrorism, culture, religion, gender etc…. would you say that you could be at a high risk, or does it vary from country to country? 

Some may not even consider the risk, but this is what I would like to find out!! 

Personally without sounding too biased… I would be too concerned to travel to Iraq, due to kidnapping back in April 2014. Some may thrive from the risk taking element. 

If you could let me know your thoughts,  it would really be a great help for my research! 

Thanks a million! 

Leigh Sullivan 

Bournemouth University Student 

School of Tourism 


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