Mature Backpackers

Hello All, !! 

I am currently working on my dissertation at Bournemouth University,  I am currently looking at the focus of identifying some life events from experienced backpackers. 

I am conducting some research based on the Coupled Backpackers and whether you feel less at risk when travelling with a companion than if you was travelling alone. When on your travels do you think you are more motivated / confident when travelling with a partner than if you was travelling independently? 


I am looking to use your responses to examine the current tourist typologies Cohen and Plog in order to understand its relationship with risk perception. The overall aim of this study is to identify whether the categories within the typologies of Cohen and Plog are irrelevant when considering backpackers travelling with more than one person. 

Also looking at finding out what motivates you to travel? If you already have a successful career, and are married? why decide to travel much later in your life?


If you could let me know your thoughts,  it would really be a great help for my research! 

Thanks a million! 

Leigh Sullivan 

Bournemouth University Student 

School of Tourism 

2 thoughts on “Mature Backpackers

  1. moniquejessica says:

    Concerning risk perception, I tend to keep my eye on the news in order to gauge it. I essentially look to not place myself in a violent situation. Crime can happen anywhere. Unexpected situations can happen at anytime. I try to stick to the information as reported which I recognize can be biased so I try to find a neutral source. I’ll most likely just avoid the country but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t consider traveling to the country given well-researched certain circumstances or opportunities that would most likely have to be for some greater good. I can’t speak to specifics as I have not been presented with a worthy reason to potentially put myself in harm’s way. Why did I choose to travel long term? It was a personal goal and dream of mine that I felt would fulfill me. I hope it is in my future again as it was the happiest time of my life so far. Long term travel allowed for self exploration and growth that I don’t believe I could find an equal to at this point in my life.

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    • Mature Backpackers Risk Perception says:

      Thanks Monique,

      If I could also you a few more questions for my data?

      Your age, and also are you travelling alone?
      Would you consider your level of risk perception to change as you mature due to having more responsibilities?

      Their has been a statement in my recent research based on the ‘mature backpacker’. which is the type of traveller that has already had a successful career and is married and then decided to travel.

      Do you think if you currently are / looking forward, would have a different view on your risk perception in terms of placing your self on a scale of 1-5 one 5 being the ‘ explorer’ (most adventurous) and 1 being the sticking to a particular travel representative route?

      Thanks so much 🙂


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